Université Technique de Génie Civil de Bucarest (UTCB)

Double-diplôme / Echange académique:

  • Structural engineering (in English and French)
  • Design of civil and industrial buildings in seismic regions
  • Technology and management of construction works
  • Urban and regional development
  • Management of design projects
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Tunnels and bridges
  • Transport infrastructure engineering
  • Energetic efficiency of buildings (in French)
  • Competitive technologies for urban environment protection
  • Energy, comfort and sustainable development
  • Machineries for construction dismantling and material recycling
  • Systems’ design, research and experimentation

Echange académique:

  • Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings
  • Faculty of Hydrotechnics
  • Faculty of Railways, Roads and Bridges
  • Faculty of Building Services Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages

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Langues d'enseignement: roumain, anglais, français

Sélectivité modérée

Contact @ Ecole des Ponts: Thibaut Skrzypek / 0164153490 / thibaut.skrzypek@enpc.fr